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Our team curates and shares job listings with The Digilogue’s community every week, in addition to partnering directly with companies to hire top talent.

Sasha Safavi

"The Digilogue was pivotal in securing the next stage of my career. We identified a perfect position that allowed me to grow with purpose. I’m grateful to touch some of the highest levels of the music and entertainment business now - and the Digilogue started it all."

Olivia Laratta

Rise Records
"It was incredibly beneficial to have such an engaged and communicative liaison in my corner as I navigated the interview process for my new role."

Kat Morales

"The Digilogue team are incredible, having helped me navigate my first major career change on a truly personal level. They have a deep understanding of the music industry and constantly changing landscape we're all working within, they're truly the best out there."

Amanda Sherman

Spirit Music Group
"During my recruitment journey The Digilogue, I was met with exceptional communication and dedication throughout every stage of the job interview process. I recommend utilizing The Digilogue's resources to anyone looking for a job in the music and entertainment space!"

Ryan Hamilton

Spirit Music Group
"I am incredibly grateful for the services provided by The Digilogue. They played a crucial role in helping me secure my current position in the music industry. Their expertise in the music and entertainment industry, combined with their dedication and professionalism, made the entire recruitment process seamless and efficient. Not only did they help me find the perfect fit for my career, but they have also become a trusted partner in sourcing new talent for my team. Their commitment to understanding my needs and building long-lasting connections has been invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend The Digilogue to anyone seeking top-notch recruitment services in the music and entertainment industry."


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Our partners benefit from access through our Music Careers team to our community's directory—a database of passionate, engaged Digilogue members who are actively seeking career opportunities in the music industry.

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"The Digilogue has become the go-to place to not just build out a strong team within the music industry, but add strong community members to various organizations. The support delivered for pairing executives to hiring companies is unmatched because it's specialized and personalized. It's authentic match-making of skills and personality. They understand all angles of this business. Ian is a pleasure to work with and speak to. People who get our industry are the only way we continue to cultivate great cultures across the music industry. I'm proud this part of my journey started with my community at The Digilogue"  

Rebekah Espinosa - Founder and Co-Conspirer Consultant at Rx Ownly


“My experience at Digilogue has helped expand my connection to a diverse group of music professionals. Besides the invaluable skills of building long-lasting and authentic relationships, my mentors at The Digilogue has also been there for me through every step of my career development. I truly don’t know where i’d be without having such a supportive community behind me!”

Abbie Wang - Digital Media Strategist at 160over90


"From the start of my career, The Digilogue has been there as I learned about the nuances of the industry & built my own network. I've gained so many meaningful friends, peers, & mentors by attending panels or networking events. I am constantly amazed at The Digilogue's ability to attract quality like-minded & highly motivated people at all levels of the industry. My involvement with The Digilogue led me to my position now as the assistant to the President of Rostrum Records, I am eternally grateful!"



"The Digilogue job board, as well as their network of recruiters and industry folks, has drastically shifted the trajectory of my career. With being able to meet and gain mentorship from industry veterans to literally finding my job and connecting with my direct supervisor through a Digilogue post, it's a resource I couldn't recommend more to any aspiring music industry professionals."



"The Digilogue has allowed me to use my voice to help bridge the gap between global communities and provide opportunities and education to music creatives. This platform provides me with perspective on how trends in music will evolve and become more technology-driven and empowers all music creatives, regardless of experience level, to build their own unique narrative. The Digilogue consistently creates inclusive and safe conversations for everyone while also creating an avenue for discussion that doesn't exist elsewhere online or in physical spaces."



"The moment I discovered this platform, I knew it was a game-changer. One of the standout experiences in my job search process was connecting with The Digilogue. They not only facilitated the entire journey but also ensured that I was well-informed and supported at every step. I cannot recommend The Digilogue enough for both job seekers and employers in the music industry. Their dedication to connecting talent with opportunities is truly commendable, and my experience with them has been nothing short of exceptional."

Melissa Chaile - Director, Marketing LatAm


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