New York City’s very own Yoshi T. stands out as a Japanese-American artist who seamlessly blends the worlds of rap, production, and visual art. His unique fusion of contemporary Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B has garnered significant attention. Starting from humble house shows, Yoshi T. gradually progressed to sharing stages with fellow WHATMORE collective members Elijah Judah, Cisco Swank, Jackson August, and $tallion. As he navigated through NYC's indie scene, his performances and a consistent stream of singles contributed to the growing excitement around his name. Which eventually culminated in the release of his debut EP, SANDBOX supported by the lead track MCQUEEN. The EP's success served as a springboard for his subsequent releases, including the standalone single MAYBE NEXT YEAR. Yoshi T.'s musical evolution took an unexpected turn when he collaborated with Younger Hunger and James Mantis on the genre-blurring indie rock track TIME&PLACE. Notably, he also made his mark on Cisco Swank's inaugural album, More Better, contributing to the track No Funny (feat. Yoshi T.). As 2023 drew to a close, Yoshi T. released his sophomore EP, HOW TO GET BACK. Containing five tracks, this project explores themes of identity, relationships, self-confidence, and how sometimes to go forward, one must go back to their roots.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Song: WHY WAIT? Feat. Cisco Swank (single & on “HOW TO GET BACK” EP)

“So I’m looking through the peephole

Looking for someone that looks like me in seas of people

Looking through the C-notes

Yellow skin so radiant so none of us on remotes

T.V looking whiter than a new pair of Reeboks”