Tymain Robbins is a NC based Hip-Hop Artist dedicated to authenticity and storytelling. With clever and insightful lyrics, his music draws influence from artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, and J. Cole with Shaoliin Ent. mentioning, “To put a comparison to his sound it would be like if Larry June and J. Cole had some sort of hip hop lovechild but Tymain is still distinct enough to separate himself...” Tymain’s works have led to collaborations with REVOLT, Footlocker, Microsoft, and Beats By Dre amongst others. Remaining true to his calling, his ultimate goal is to inspire listeners to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, and find their path in life.

2023 Releases

2023 Highlights

  • Interview/Feature on the “MAJORMOOD” Podcast 
  • Performed at REVOLT HOUSE at SXSW 
  • Performed at “poetry me, please” in collaboration with Microsoft & Afrotech 

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Quotable Lyrics:

Song: “Fashionably Late” (off of “Fashionably Late” Album)

“One of the best and I'm beyond sure

Niggas can't see (sea) me, I'm beyond sure (shore)

You couldn't make this up with some contour

Bonjour, I went from Ford Taurus to some Tom ford

I'm came up from the ground floor

Yo I deserve an encore.”