"T.A.Thomas” is a singer, musician, and performer hailing from the Mississippi delta. Formerly of Next Town Down, he would go on to release The EP in 2018 and Juliet in 2019. After geographically separating from the group in 2020, TA began to experiment with his sound, leading to his work on Chris Brown’s Breezy album and earning him his first Grammy nomination as a songwriter. Turning the page on his sonic journey, TA recently released his debut EP “Caught Between 2 Worlds” his love letter to R&B. A mature collection of songs, genre as “Southern Soul” portrays an intimacy that has gone from passionate to passive. CB2W has collectively amassed over 5M streams and 150K Monthly Listeners.

2023 Releases

  • Caught Between 2 Worlds (Album)
  • Pros and Cons (Single)
  • W.I.A (Where I’m At) (Single)
  • June 15th (Single)

2023 Highlights

  • Audiomack spotlight to promote EP “Caught Between 2 Worlds”
  • Featured Act for Rhythm n Vibes LA Show 
  • MajorStage Live 360 Performance for “Pros and Cons” Single
  • “Caught Between 2 Worlds” featured on Apple Music’s Breaking R&B Playlist
  • Special Guest Interview for The Nadeska Show on Apple Music
  • Live Billboard in Times Square (Caught In Between 2 Worlds Album release)

2023 Video

2023 Press

Quotable Lyrics:

Song: “Caught Between 2 Worlds” (off of Caught Between 2 Worlds Album)

“I ain't never learned to

To live with one decision

Should be mindin' my business

But I'd rather ask forgiveness than permission

I get a little addicted, yeah

Probably pushin' my limit

Will we leave it unfinished?

For now it's only love pendin'”