Years in the making, Nineteen year-old RC AVENUE has been delivering spacious tones and out of this world feelings to Pop-R&B music listeners around the globe. Hailing from the Central-Coast, California, AVENUE made a grand, spontaneous move across the country to New York City, New York. Shortly after, he would release a handful of singles including his breakthrough single “CARELESS,” which has garnered way over half a million streams worldwide. After a year of residing in Brooklyn, New York, AVENUE would make another big move to Los Angeles, California, where he now continues to develop a luscious and sentimental, yet bold creative world. Heavily inspired by the likes of Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson, RC AVENUE continues to always bring unforgettable hooks and punchy lyrics to Pop/R&B fans and listeners alike.

2023 Releases

  • DON’T KNOW WHY (feat. tu!) (single) - 12/1
  • THE GIRL WILL BE OKAY (single) - 8/22
  • OVA (single) - 6/28
  • EVERGLOW (single) - 5/12
  • CINEMA- Sped Up (single) - 8/14
  • CINEMA (single)- 4/6
  • CLUE (single)- 2/24

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  • Interview with Behind The Beat here 

Quotable Lyrics:

Song: “EVERGLOW” (single)

“Knew you were my everglow, so sad to

Feel you drift and see you go, but I didn't lose

’Cause we're better now, you're better now, I’m better now”