Koven Wei is a Toronto-based artist that is trailblazing the Asian-American alternative-rock scene with his unapologetic and unabashed anthems. From a city that is more globally known for its R&B and Hip-Hop sensations, Koven is not afraid to stand out from the rest as he continues to create music that perfectly resonates with the misfits and the misunderstood. Perhaps what makes Koven’s music so intriguing is his careful blend of sounds that are curated from the East to West. This distinct melting pot of rock, hyperpop, electronic, punk, and rap has emerged into a unique style that only Koven can call his own. After going viral on social media, selling out his headline show in Toronto with , and opening for artists such as , and , Koven is hellbent on carving out his place as a spearhead for Asian creatives. Supported by his creative collective, LAB0916, Koven and his team strive for more than just individual success; they want to be the voice for the voiceless. For Koven, there are no barriers to his ambition and he hopes you believe in him as much as he believes in you.

2023 Releases

  • MIDNIGHT (feat. Ethan low, 013) (single) - 8/4
  • BAMBINO (EP) - 8/4
  • LATE NIGHT TALKS (single) - 6/30
  • LIPSTICK (feat. Aleebi) (single) - 5/19
  • BEFORE (feat. HNATA) (single) - 3/24
  • EVERYTHING IS RED (single) - 2/10

2023 Highlights

  • 3.8M Streams; 597.5K Listeners on 2023 Spotify Wrapped
  • Featured on Blankverse Mag: Episode 4 
  • Soldout first headline show at “The Drake Underground” with Ethan Low
  • Supporting Act on MICO’s “The Fantasy Tour” : North America 2023 (3 dates)

2023 Video Links

Quotable Lyrics:


“Phone calling butterflies I'm nauseous

You the reason why I'm moving cautious

Fuck love I can't deal with it you toxic

Even then in my head you still hop in

I wait summer nights, turn into sunrise

Baby free me, I gotta hold you tight

Need you to save me, tell me that it's alright

See you in the Midnight”



“It's all red

Sunlight, moonlight, I'm dead

Miss you, don't get out of my head

In the morning, you know what's unsaid

Shoot me, I'm used to seeing red

Everything is red

Everything is re-e-e-ed, oh yeah”