Born in Knoxville, TN, Daisha McBride is a powerful rapper, singer, and performer. Hailing from the heart of Tennessee, Daisha’s musical influences of hip-hop, soul and country music have all merged to form Daisha’s sound as “The Rap Girl”. Daisha’s 2023 has been filled with highlights. From being the subject of a nationally broadcasted documentary powered by Queen Latifah, to performing at the 2023 BET awards and now her new buzzing single “Birds” that has taken the world by storm. Still independent, “Birds” has organically racked up nearly 8 million views across social media and over 2 million streams across all platforms. The song has captured the attention of stars like SZA, 6lack, and Gabrielle Union. The relatability and realness in Daisha’s songs stands out and they remind listeners that real music still does exist. Known for wearing her heart on her sleeve. Daisha’s music captures the emotions of real life, relationships, heartbreaks, and the complexities of love.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Song: “Birds” (off of “I realized we’re better apart) EP

“When times get tough, I get tougher

Finna be a hot girl now like every summer (hot girl)

I've been in the gym with emphasis on my health (yeah)

The old me is gone, I'm turning into someone else, ayy (someone else)”