23-year old creative multi-hyphenate Alé Araya has quickly cemented herself as a force through various creative realms. She’s spent the past two years writing and producing for esteemed & upcoming artists such as Saba, Joseph Chilliams, Alice Glass, Lexa Gates and Riovaz while already receiving early co-signs from Raveena and UMI to name a few. Alé is also part of the buzzing POC-led artist community KOGO, alongside prolific originals like REHMA, Curtis Waters, CONNIE, KOAD, and others. Additionally, Alé creative directs all visuals, designs all of her own clothing, leads all choreography, and is heavily involved in the graphic design process throughout her various projects. Classically trained in jazz and well-versed in digital composition, Alé began playing the piano at the age of 5, a gift passed down to her by her creative parents. The daughter of a Chilean immigrant born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Alé poured herself into music as a way to escape a tumultuous upbringing, quickly learning to play multiple instruments through years of playing in various jazz bands. She began writing songs in her early teens and taught herself how to produce via YouTube while exploring her own artistic identity. Simultaneously, she found a deep love for dance that proved to be therapeutic and it remains at the core of her art. Largely inspired by women queer-identifying artists like Erykah Badu and Rochelle Jordan, Alé’s art beautifully envelopes and dissects deeply personal narratives about Latinx identity, womanhood, mental health, sexuality and beyond.

2023 Releases

  • in motion (Single) - 11/15
  • Prada Princess (Single) - 6/14
  • in visions (EP) - 3/24
  • Earth Angel (Single) - 1/24

2023 Highlights

  • 7M Streams; 1.7M Listeners on 2023 Spotify Wrapped
  • Spotify’s Fresh Finds Dance Best of 2023 (Prada Princess)
  • Spotify’s Vanguard (Endless Sky feat. greek)
  • Recording Academy’s ReImagined series 

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Quotable Lyrics:

Song: in motion (single) 11/15

“They say I′m running away 

Same ones that got something to face 

I know I'm doing much better, I'm great 

I know that this is all part of the journey”