Artists to Watch – A Day in the Life of WATA

What’s up Digilogue Fam! We hope you have been enjoying our Artists to Watch: Class of 2021 series so far. Next up, we’ll be introducing singer-songwriter & composer WATA.

WATA is an artist, composer, and designer based in LA. She initially started off playing the violin, but later branched out to improvisation and vocal composition in college. Now, WATA combines meditation music with modern lyricism and alternative composition.

We sat down with WATA and discussed what it was like transitioning from being a composer and violinist into a singer-songwriter, the importance of meditation music, her creative process & much more. Make sure to check out the entire interview, live now via our Digilogue YouTube!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what A Day in the Life looks like for WATA, including her early morning rituals, working on her upcoming album, connecting with nature, and cooking dinner.

A Day in the Life of WATA

5–9 AM – Rising Rituals

I’ve begun to appreciate the quiet and calm that comes with waking up early. For the past month, I’ve been waking up at 5 am to chant and pray. Starting my morning with sound brings a greater level of peace to my day. I begin with ‘Om’, followed by several other chants and mantras on my ‘Chants & Prayers’ playlist. I truly believe in the power of sound healing, and particularly the power that is held in the voice.

After chanting, I fall back asleep for an hour or so and wake up for my daily reading and meditation. Reserving the first hours of my day for connection with God has created a stillness that stays with me through the day. Each morning, I read a lesson and chapter from A Course in Miracles and spend time meditating on transmission from the lesson. I’ve been studying the Course for a year and a half, but still have so much to learn. To remind myself of the practice, I set an alarm to come back to the lesson every hour of the day.

9–11 AM – Starting My Day

As I begin to move, stretch and start my day, I turn on Laraaji’s ‘Alignment’ track on, which is my go-to meditation track. I use the Calm app daily, and I just released an hour-long sound bath for the new moon on the app.

I am becoming more intentional about not checking email, Instagram or texts first thing in the morning, and I usually try to schedule my phone meetings after 11 am. I usually call my family and talk with them first and write down any messages my mom has for me. I don’t drink coffee, so I boil a pot of Yerba Mate tea and take a Moringa capsule for energy. My place has two koi ponds, so I feed them and say ‘hello’.

Today, I’m making avocado toast with bread from the local bakery and avocados and eggs from the farmer's market. I’ve been creating slow-living content on my Tik Tok account, so I film the process of making breakfast and edit it into a quick video.

11 AM – 3 PM – The Creation Process

The process of making music for me is ever-changing. Some days I’ll write for hours, other days it’s only 30 minutes. I try to allow myself to create freely while also being mindful of mix deadlines etc. Right now, I’m focused on my upcoming album Journey Through A Conscious Mind. I produce and record my music in Logic, adding instrumentals and vocals bit by bit. The composition process tends to be very intuitive for me. I will get into a flow state and allow the music to come through me, and then I will go back afterward and make edits or changes. Most of the work I’m currently doing right now involves creating transitions between songs to give the album a continuous flow.

Once I feel like I'm in a good place with the album, I start working on the New Moon in Leo track for Calm. I spend some time envisioning an outline for the piece, which is a process I use when I’m creating a new sound bath. I think of a concept and a storyline for the composition, and then I write out each step and add pictures so I can visualize it. This sound bath starts in the jungle, which is very much inspired by my current location.

After I finish my outline I hop on a check-in call with my manager. We use this time to go over timelines, upcoming projects, and release strategies. These check-ins help me stay on top of the project, but also keep me grounded and not too caught up in my own doubts or anxieties about the project.

3–4 PM – The Reflection Process

I decide to go for a walk to the bakery to clear my head and get some fresh air. These walks are very meditative for me. I listen to the music I’m working on while I walk to get new ideas and hear things I don’t when I’m composing. When I get to the bakery, I buy a loaf of bread and a chocolate donut and take a small detour to sit by the river on my way back. Visiting the river is my favorite time of the day, I feel like it resets my mind and allows me to connect with the Universe. While I'm sitting, a dog comes up to me and sits with me for a while. I feel so connected to the Earth and everything around me. As I listen to the sounds of the river, words begin to flow in my mind and I jot down a few song lyric ideas. I chose the name ‘WATA’ because most of my songs come to me when I’m in or near water.

4–7 PM – Winding Down

My calendar alert goes off reminding me to chant. I include chanting as a part of my vocal warm-up routine. It opens up my voice in a way I can’t quite describe. I go straight from chanting into vocal warm-ups and then start recording vocals for my album. I stop and take deep, meditative breaths in between vocal takes, quieting the ego-mind and the perfectionist doubts that often disrupt my process.

After I finish recording, I start preparing dinner. I put on a playlist called ‘Mexican Summer’ which I created to collect songs I’ve discovered while I’m here in Mexico. I add brown rice to a pot to boil and add zucchini, rosemary, and ghee to a pan to fry. I chop up some kale and cucumbers and add lime for a salad. When everything’s ready, I put them in a big bowl and add avocado.

7–-10 PM – Night Time Rituals

After I finish eating and doing the dishes, I sign onto Zoom for a Course in Miracles study group that happens every night. We meditate, practice Qi Gong, and have discussions on the text. This has vastly deepened my understanding and connection with everything and everyone around me.

Once I log off, I am usually pretty blissed out. I utilize the quiet that comes with night to record some more vocals, and then fall asleep.

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