Artists to Watch – A Day in the Life of NEZI

What's up Digilogue Fam! We’re thrilled to continue our Artists to Watch: Class of 2021 series with Singer-Songwriter NEZI.

NEZI is a Brooklyn-based R&B artist who has been perfecting her craft for the past few years. Raised in Pine Bluff, AR, NEZI made the pivotal decision to move to NYC to pursue a career in music. Once she moved to NYC, she attended NYU’s Music Business Program and landed several internships within the music industry. Her experiences and skills have propelled her career and landed her amazing opportunities such as being selected in BET’s #AmpliFIND contest 🏆

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what A Day in the Life looks like for NEZI, including balancing her demands at work with her hustle and ambition to pursue her artistry.

A Day in the Life of NEZI

8 AM (Self-care/planning) – I’ve put myself on a pretty flexible schedule so I could create a routine for myself! These times could vary per day, but this is what the majority of my days look like.

I start my day off typically with a light stretching and breakfast. I stretch once I get up to kind of reset my body and wake up! I also grab my planner and see what my day consists of and write any additional things on my to-do list. After that, I usually eat a very light breakfast (like a piece of fruit or a protein shake) and head to the gym! Some days I run; other days, I do strength training.

9 AM (Gym) – I like to work out during the mornings because that Is when I have the most time! So I’ll spend 40 minutes to an hour at the gym.

10-11 AM (Social media) – Like anyone else, I do check social media in between these times, but I typically check my emails first! But around this time, I am heavily on social media due to my day job (Fun fact: I work as a Community Manager with a marketing agency). So during the day, I am having meetings with my team and also reviewing content for the month ahead and doing a lot of quality assurance for the team!

3 PM (Social media cont’d) –This is around the time I interact the most on my personal social media, whether that is me posting or interacting with supporters or posting on my Instagram stories, Twitter or TikTok. I’ll do this honestly for an hour on and off, while simultaneously working on my Freelance work with the agency.

**I also grab lunch around this time**

5 PM (Artist mode) – This is when I can completely focus on being an artist! Around this time, I am strategizing and writing upcoming events and releases, such as for photoshoots, music releases, studio times, etc. I spend a lot of time doing research as well at this time. This is when I’ll research pages and brands that align with what I want to do! This can typically happen for an hour or two. I’m also back on social media on and off at this time.

7 PM (Dinner) - this is when I try to eat dinner but also unplug for a bit, even if it is for just 30 minutes to an hour.

8-9 PM (Leisure time) – I really try to watch TV! I’m really bad about watching TV so this is the time I try and watch my favorite shows like This is Us or Queen Sugar

10 PM-'til (Back in artist mode) – At this time, I am journaling. I know most people probably journal during the morning but I like to journal at night because it helps me to clear my mind of the things that happened during the day. Doing this also helps me write music! After Journaling, I song write. I like to write/record late at night. So during this time, I’m listening to music for inspiration or reading poetry, or simply looking at interviews/live performances on YouTube!

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