Artists to Watch – A Day in the Life of Flwr Chyld

Hey Digilogue Fam! We're back with the second installment of our Artists to Watch series, this time featuring Flwr Chyld, a producer and songwriter based out of Atlanta, GA.

We sat down with Flwr Chyld and talked about how he got started in music, being a producer, the business of music, and creating his own lane. After releasing his collaborative "After Hours" EP with James Tillman and accompanying live visual performance at the top of this year, he followed it up with his latest single "Lucky Me" featuring Sebastian Mikael, ushering in a new sound.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what A Day in the Life looks like for Flwr Chyld when he's on album mode—including the importance of self-care, having the right inspiration, and focusing on the smaller details.

A Day in the Life of Flwr Chyld (in Album Mode)

10 am (Self-care) – I’ve put myself on a really nice schedule since the start of the pandemic so I usually start my day off by meditating for 25 minutes or picking up a book and reading for about 20 minutes. Doing those two things allows me to hit a hard reset and approach the day with a much more clear and open mind. I’m way more focused. On most days I’ll usually make myself some avocado toast and chai tea, but for the purposes of this interview let's actually leave the house to get some admin work done.

Anytime I leave the house I like to feel good, not for anyone else but literally just for myself. I like to attack my day with as much confidence as possible so I put on a nice outfit that I’m comfortable in.

12 pm (Coffee shop) – There’s a really nice café in Midtown (Atlanta) that I frequent to get admin work done. While I’m there I’ll send out emails to artists I wanna work with for the album, work on a vision/mood board for cover art or video concepts, schedule hard and soft release dates for singles, researching a variety of things so I can get the creative juices flowing, and sometimes artist payouts.

In case anyone is wondering where the music part comes in, I need you all to understand that being an indie artist is not easy haha. It's just me and my manager so all the work falls on the two of us to make sure this ship stays afloat...even besides that, I love to be as hands-on as possible with my art, so I’ll take on the responsibility with the creative side of things.

4 pm (Self-care...continued) – I love scents. When I’m home I need my space (my zen) to be as comfortable as possible when I’m creating, so I’ll go out and grab a candle. I like to take my time picking out scents because it needs to match me and my personality (usually woody ones get the job done). Once that's done I push it back to the crib.

6 pm (Relaxing before creating) – I really really enjoy my space, so I’ll relax a bit before working on the album. Usually what that looks like is me relaxing and doing absolutely nothing. Depending on the day, I’ll listen to music during this time just to catch a vibe...and then there are other days when I’m way more intentional about what I’m listening to because I’m looking to get inspired.

8 pm (Creating) – Each creative session for the album looks different. There are nights where I start an idea from scratch and others where I need to finish or polish an idea from the night before or add someone on Zoom to complete a song. These creative sessions can last HOURS (with my Pinot Grigio poured up). I’m not a volume producer and I never have been. I like taking my time on ideas so

sometimes I’ll be up working on a song for 6-8 hours. I’ve always been a believer in the idea of quality over quantity...and my ideas almost always come out exactly the way I want them to because I’m focusing on all the little nuances. It's all about detail at the end of the day for me.

Stay tuned for more from The Digilouge and our Artists to Watch series. For more on Flwr Chyld visit his website where you can find his merch, latest projects, and more!