Artists to Watch – A Day in the Life of Cheeno Ghee

What's up Digilogue Fam? We're excited to announce the launch of our new series, Artists to Watch: Class of 2021. We will be featuring 21 artists from around the world who we believe you should keep an eye (and ear) out for.

We’ll first kick things off by getting to know Rapper, and Founder of GCE Tha Label, Cheeno Ghee. Cheeno Ghee, is a hip-hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York by way of Atlanta, Georgia. In 2018 the wordsmith released her debut EP "Child." The following year, she garnered some notable press, industry co-signs, and serious momentum behind her single “Off Tha Strength” and a series of weekly Instagram freestyles called #CheestyleFriday. Cheeno sets her sights on collaborating to create a new sphere of influence in music.

We sat down with Cheeno and talked about her latest project, founding her own Black-owned, women-led independent label, being a woman in hip-hop, and more. Get a behind the scenes look at what A Day in the Life looks like for Cheeno as she gives us an inside peek at what her day is like when she's on work mode, and what it looks like when she gets the chance to take some time to unwind from being an artist and overall boss.

A (Release) Day in the Life of Cheeno

Photos by Sheldon Kearse and Alex Turner

9 am – I start each day with a Bible verse, writing an affirmation on my calendar/ mood board and burning some incense. On release days, I’ll look for ones about victory, community, or spreading the gospel… things that’ll remind me of why I’m releasing in the first place.

10 am – On release days, I like to be up and posting or working on content by 10am. This gives me 2 hours to have something for my socials by noon. Today (Feb. 19th) is one of those days; I just released my new single “BlackStar: A Celebration of Black” with State Voices Organization in Washington DC.

12 pm – Once I’ve posted some content, I’ll spend time engaging with my supporters. There are so many days when I miss the greatest messages from people, just because a day’s so crazy. I try to speak with as many fans as possible, on release days especially.

2 pm – After a couple of hours of play and engaging with fans, I’ll shift my focus to the business side of things. Usually, a new release from me, means new emails for me. Whether they’re from producers, organizations, reps, or other creatives, there’s often an opportunity for collaboration awaiting my response. As mine and the label’s main PR person, I send almost as many emails as I receive. It’s pretty cool, but can be a lot!

5 pm – I’m likely to create content in bulk before a release, so by this time I’m working on my next post or piece of engagement. I have a few active fan pages who I can count on to be diligent in their posting as well, but some days I have to personally send/approve content as well. It’s important to do this before my next post at 6pm.

6 pm – Content, content, content!

8 pm – *Deep Breath* *Disengage* This is the time I actually get to spend with the music/piece that I’ve released. After spending the days leading up to the release perfecting the product and the way it will be received, I get to listen from the truest perspective: my own. Sometimes this brings about new emotions for whatever the project is. I remember feeling this way when I released the music video for Savoir Faire. So much energy goes into a release.

10 pm TIL – After 10 o'clock, I stop checking emails -- tone down my engagements, and just live in a moment of pride and gratitude. I’ll tend to my crystals, light some Palo Santo, maybe listen to some music outside of my own, say a prayer, and just relax until I fall asleep. The day after a release, I’m typically much lighter on myself and the type of sleep I have the night before is essential to that.

A (Free) Day in the Life of Cheeno

As an artist, I don’t have too many days when I don’t have something to do for my music career or for my record label, GCE Tha Label. Whether it’s a team call, Zoom meeting, studio session, writing day, production date, or planning day... something’s usually happening. But when I do luck up and get a free day, they go something like this.

11 am / 12 pm I wake up and read my Daily Horoscope and my Bible verse of the day. I write in my daily affirmation on my calendar. This is a must. After that, I’ll make my bed and have something to eat. What I eat depends on the day, sometimes it's fruit and hot tea that does the job.

2 pm / 3pm On those sunny days, I have to open my blinds, and light some Palo Santo. That’s been my thing for the last year or so. Sage is usually burning on the other side of the house in my mom’s room. When I can, I’ll throw on some music and blast it. When Anita Baker comes on, everyone knows my energy is up there.

5 pm / 6 pm Around this time, my dog is whining at me to walk her, so I take her around the neighborhood for a good bit. After that, it’s time for a good meal. I cut out alcohol this year so ginger beers, ginger ale, and water are my go-to with my food.

8 pm / 9 pm – When I can, I usually game a good amount. PS4 gang. Some days it’s GTA online with my girlfriend (she loves that game now haha). Other times, it’s 2k. On off days, I’m not writing new music, so I’m looking for inspiration. Most times, that inspiration comes from spending time reflecting through my old releases or unreleased music that’s still in the vault. There are some days that I’ll have a movie night to be inspired by the characters' storyline. Paid n Full is my go-to. I watch that with myself in mind the whole time, every time.

11pm / 12am I try to use the time before I go to sleep to be intentional about what I consume right before bed. Food wise, social media wise, etc. Once it hits midnight, I’ll open my Bible to find a verse that will carry me to sleep and into the next day.

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