Artists to Watch – A Day in the Life of Ashoka

What's up Digilogue Fam! We're back at it again, this time with rapper, singer, and songwriter Ashoka.

His full interview is now live via our YouTube. Tap in as we discuss how he came to start his journey in music, releasing his “Through the Fire” EP mid-pandemic, and the many projects he’s working on this year!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what A Day in the Life looks like for Ashoka, including tapping into his inspirations early in the morning, putting work in at the studio, and playing Apex to wind down.

A Day in the Life of Ashoka

9AM — I usually like to start my day with 3 things: music, a workout, and breakfast. As soon as I wake up I like to play some music whether it be what I worked on the night before, a new beat to vibe too, or just music I like to bump on the regular. I remember hearing Childish Gambino say that he likes to write music when he first wakes up because that’s when you’re still the closest to who you truly are. That stuck with me, so I always like to see if I can channel the first things that I think about every morning into inspiration.

11 AM — Next is my favorite meal of the day...breakfast. I always take the extra time to eat a good breakfast even though I know a lot of people skip it. Eggs and bacon are definitely top 5 foods of all time for me!

After breakfast, I gotta get a workout in. Working out in the morning helps my productivity throughout the day. I feel like when I start the day off being productive, I'm more inclined to stay in that zone. Also, it helps me clear my mind for the day ahead of me. Clean slate for the day.

12:30 PM — Before I start recording, I grab lunch. I always forget to eat once I get in the zone, so I try to grab something before the studio. Lately I’ve been going to my favorite Jamaican spot in Spring Valley, NY. Right on main street where golden crust used to be, if you know you know!

1 PM — I start work on music pretty early in the day. I like having that alertness and energy that I feel at 1pm when I’m locked in. Another reason I like to work early is so I have time to lock back in late night and go over what I did earlier or come with some completely different ideas before I call it a night. On any given day I’m either locking in in-studio with a few producers I’ve been dialed in with, or writing and recording songs in my home studio.

The studio is by far my favorite part of my day. When I’m in there I feel like the possibilities are endless. Every time I am in the studio I have another opportunity to make my dreams a reality. Another opportunity to make my best song yet, maybe even the song that will touch the world. That’s why it's important that I make the time to show up every day. I usually like to go for about 7-8 hours straight. Enough time for me to record a few different ideas and pick my favorite one to focus in on. Sometimes I have a couple homies pull up, to bounce ideas off of, or sometimes to just fill the room with good vibes & energy.

8 PM — In my downtime I usually like to play basketball, hop on the game (Apex gang) or find new inspiration. I play Apex online on Xbox. I’ve been a video game fan since I was a kid, now that I have less time to play I just stick to 2k & Apex. I usually squad up online with a few of my boys, aside from playing the game it's more so a time to just decompress, crack jokes, and chop it up with some homies. I also use my free time to find new inspiration. Usually this comes in the form of watching YouTube videos, interviews, listening to music, or meditating.

12 AM — I start and end my day with music. Before calling it a night I go back into my home studio and see if I can squeeze out any last bit of inspiration I had in me for the day. They say you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so when it comes to music I try to give it all I have every day. If I don’t make it into the studio before bed, I’ll end the night playing what I worked on during the day and vibing with it as I lay in bed. It’s sorta a peace of mind thing, this makes me feel one step closer to my dreams before I dream…see you in the morning.


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